Saturday, August 11, 2007

Riding Around:


I cruise around on a XS 763cc Yamaha Twin with a piston kit, 36mm carbs, Pro-Port headwork etc. It Screams. I also cruise around on a Suzuki GS1200 with a piston kit, 38mm RS Carbs, Megacycle camshafts, Pro-Port headwork, header etc. It screams too! I ride all over the Southern US States. Both bikes run great! It is really hot here, I live south of New Orleans in La.

One weekend I may be in Florida, and the next I will be in Texas. I used to go to the Mississippi Gulf Coast but since Hurricane Katrina wiped it out I have not been over there, too bad for all the people that got hammered. Everything is ruined around there.

Sometimes my friend rides along on his bike, but some times I go by myself. It is really peaceful riding along with the wind in your face, no radio and lots of time to just think, it is really invigorating. It is cheap too, gas cost so much now-a-days.

I love fishing too, see me with the big redfish in the image above. We (me and my son) (yes I am a single dad, raising my son by myself for 16 years) Go fishing at the Gulf Coast of Louisiana at Port Fourchon Public Beach. You can drive on to the beach for 2 miles and it is free! We go down there all the time. We catch trout in the summer months and big bull redfish in the winter months. we relly have a blast down there!


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